John Lee

John Lee Knows What It’s Going to Take


With a background as a business owner and entrepreneur who started from humble beginnings, Lee understands the importance of job creation and economic growth. He is an advocate of pro-business policies, reducing burdensome regulations for business owners and employees, and fostering an environment that encourages entrepreneurship. His successful tenure as Mayor of North Las Vegas, during which he saved the city from bankruptcy, adds to his wealth of experience. Lee will draw on that experience to tackle our local and national economic challenges and debt.

Crime and safety

Lee is dedicated to implementing comprehensive strategies to address crime and enhance public safety. He believes in supporting law enforcement, investing in community policing initiatives, and promoting collaborative efforts between local, state and federal agencies. Under his leadership, crime rates dropped by more than 32% in North Las Vegas and he plans to use his proven leadership in crisis management to extend solutions beyond reactive measures. These include proactively addressing root causes of crime by promoting job creation, educational opportunities, and community engagement. Lee is poised to make our neighborhoods safer and more resilient.

Mental Health

Understanding the profound impact of mental health on individuals, families, and communities, Lee prioritizes increased access to mental health services and treatment. His compassionate approach involves destigmatizing mental health issues and fostering a supportive environment for those in need. By allocating resources to mental health programs, promoting awareness, and fighting for comprehensive policies, he aims to strengthen and help create a more resilient society where no one is left behind.

Affordable housing

Lee is committed to addressing the root cause of the housing crisis. He advocates for a multifaceted approach, including incentivizing private sector investment in affordable housing, streamlining regulatory processes, and promoting responsible urban planning.

Educational freedom

John adamantly advocates for the pivotal role parents hold in shaping their children’s learning experiences. As a conservative leader, he firmly believes that parents should have the authority to make decisions about their kids’ education. He champions improving education by expanding choices, whether through dynamic charter schools, adaptable homeschooling options, or other innovative avenues. His goal is to provide diverse opportunities for the next generation of leaders, ensuring each child has the chance to thrive in the educational environment of their choosing.

Gun Rights

Throughout John’s political career, he has always been an avid promoter of the Second Amendment right to bear arms. In 2008, Lee was named Legislator of the Year for the nation by both the NRA and Sportshooters of America. He will continue to support policies that allow our citizens to safely protect themselves and their families.

Standing with Israel

The situation taking place in Israel and Gaza is heartbreaking. The devastating impact this terrorism and violence is having on the world is an affront to the freedoms we hold dear. The alarming rise of Anti-Semitism, hate and overall religious persecution have no place in America. All faiths are important and valuable, and John believes it is critical to take a stand and create a place where faiths can exist harmoniously. He prays for a future where there can be peace in both Israel and Gaza.

Illegal Immigration

Illegal immigration causes strain on public resources, taxpayer dollars, contributes to increased crime rates, and more. Nevadans and American citizens will always come first, and John will always fight to protect them. He encourages legal immigration and will support ways to streamline the legal immigration process.